God in Disguise will open at Folkoperan on 15 February 2017. On stage will be Lill Lindfors, Björn Kjellman, Astrid Assefa and accordion virtuoso Lelo Nika accompanied by EU migrants.

Folkoperan's spring production will be Lars-Erik Larsson's lyrical suite God in Disguise from 1940 with words by the poet Hjalmar Gullberg. Lill LindforsBjörn Kjellman and Astrid Assefa will alternate in reciting Hjalmar Gullberg's poetry on different evenings. The production will also feature EU migrants and the virtuoso Lelo Nikas whose accordion art will interpret Lars-Erik Larsson's much loved music.

In ancient Greek mythology, as a punishment, the god Apollo was forced to wander the earth disguised as an ordinary mortal. Based on this saga about human value, the poet Hjalmar Gullberg sought to comment on his fellow contemporaries. He had been strongly moved by the situation for Jews in Germany, which was reflected in his poetry suite God in Disguise. The work opens with the phrase “Not for the strong in the world, but for the weak”. Folkoperan is trying to see the human behind the external form. Can anyone at all be god incarnate?

“The work is wondrously illuminating and profoundly human. An incantation of the holy and sacred in humans. Hjalmar Gullberg makes us appreciate that every time we judge another person by their appearance, their material status, their cultural or ethnic background, by their gender or age, we are actually damaging something sacred inside ourselves,” says director Malin Stenberg.

Music: Lars-Erik Larsson, Lelo Nika (trad), Words: Hjalmar Gullberg, Orchestral Arrangement: Hans Holewa, Arrangement Interwoven Music for Orchestra and Accordion Soloist: Jonas Forssell, Musical Direction & Conductor: Marie Rosenmir, Conductor/Choirmaster: Lone Larsen, Director: Malin Stenberg, Set & Lighting Designer: Hanna Reidmar, Photo: Erik Henriksson, Choreographer: Örjan Andersson, Dramatist: Magnus Lindman.

Reciters: Lill Lindfors, Björn Kjellman, Astrid Assefa Accordion Soloist: Lelo Nika, Soloist Singers: Sanna Gibbs, Shadi Ali, Vocal Ensemble: Shadi Ali, Anders Butta Börjesson, Heddie Färdig, Sanna Gibbs, Ulrika Skarby, Jesper Säll, Janna Vettergren, Martin Åsander, Choirs: Södertälje Chamber Choir, St Tomas Chamber Choir, Chamber Choir Non Silentium, Botkyrka Chamber Choir, Folkoperan Orchestra.

Première 15 February. Runs to 26 March 2017.

God in Disguise is being supported by Postkodlotteriets Kulturstiftelse.