Folkoperan is staging Coraline – a fantasy opera for young audiences based on Neil Gaiman’s cult story with newly composed music by Mark-Anthony Turnage.

Coraline is the story of an 11-year old girl who has just moved into a new home with her kind but pre-occupied parents. The new home houses a mysterious Looking Glass World, where everything seems normal except her Other Mother and Other Father have buttons instead of eyes. Everything seems better to Coraline in this Other World - to start with at least - parents more attentive and playful, the food more delicious and the toys more appealing. Even so, something is not quite right. She hears mysterious children's voices, her Other Mother starts behaving very strangely and where have her real parents disappeared to? Coraline realises she is the only person who can do something. She must break the curse to rescue her parents and ensure she too, is not trapped there forever.

Neil Gaiman's book about the brave girl Coraline is a fantasy classic that was also made as a feature film. Now it has become an opera, with music by Mark-Anthony Turnage (b. 1960), one of today's leading composers. He blends classical music with jazz influences and modern with traditional. His most famous work is the opera Anna Nicole for The Royal Opera in London and dance productions Trespass, Strapless and UNDANCE for The Royal Ballet. He has also composed several orchestral works for many of the most prominent British symphony orchestras.

The family production of Coraline will be performed with a Swedish cast at Folkoperan from 15 February to 8 March 2020 and is suitable for children aged 9+. Folkoperan will also stage a number of school matinees for years 3–6.

Cast list: Robyn Allegra Parton (Coraline), Jacqueline Miura (Mother/Other Mother), Fredrik Zetterström (Father/Other Father), Hillevi Martinpelto (Miss Spink), Ingrid Tobiasson (Miss Forcible), Ulrik Qvale (Mr Bobo + Ghost child no.2) and two students from the University College of Opera, Stockholm: Helgi Reynisson (Ghost child no.3) and Lovisa Sandenskog (Ghost child no.1). The Folkoperan orchestra.

Music: Mark-Anthony Turnage
Libretto: Rory Mullarkey after Neil Gaiman.
Staged with the permission of Boosey & Hawkes Publishers Ltd.
Translation: Carin Bartosch Edström
Musical Direction: Anna-Maria Helsing
​Conductors: Anna-Maria Helsing/ Marit Strindlund
Director: Aletta Collins
Scenography: Giles Cadle
Costume designer: Gabrielle Dalton 

Coraline is an international co-production between The Royal Opera House (UK), Theater Freiburg (DE), L’Opera de Lille (FR), Victorian Opera Company (AUS) and Folkoperan in Stockholm. Coraline premièred in London in spring 2018.