Laure Dupont


Name Laure Dupont

Place of birth Geneva, Switzerland

Residence Saxon, Switzerland

Education conservatory of Sion, Rudra Bejart school in Lausanne.

Five parts/projects/jobs Parce que je t'aime at Théâtre de Vidy in Lausanne (2004), BlumenKabarett at Grange de Dorigny in Lausanne (2007),
Andrógena  in Lausanne (2008), Dido and Aeneas at Opera de Lausanne (2010), Tell Me Swiss in Shanghai (2010).

When I'm feeling playful I do the cat.

When I want to win someone's heart I throw him a spell.

When I pass the time in death's waiting room I dance.

How do I care for my voice / body forgetting my mind.

The best thing about singing is feel the mystery.

When I want to relax I watch the crash of waves.

Best right now is Le Maitre et Marguerite, Mikhaïl Boulgakov.

Datum för medverkan

tisdag, juni 25, 2013